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Robin Wright felt scrawny next to her Wonder Woman warriors

Robin Wright felt like a scrawny twig when she arrived on set to film Wonder Woman, because he co-stars already looked like Amazonian warriors.
The House of Cards star showed up two months after co-stars like Gal Gadot started working out for their roles, and she felt the need to hit the gym.
“They had been there already for two months becoming incredible Hulk females and I walk in, like, scrawny, bony me,” she tells WENN with a chuckle. “I’m like, ‘Dude I’m the general!’
“I had, like, four weeks to get into shape. The most challenging thing was how much caloric food you had to ingest just to put on mass quickly. That was sickening.
“And I loved getting injured just from doing too many squats!”
But no matter how buff and toned she got, Robin still got winded when she had to run in scenes.
“I felt like I should’ve been hospitalised a couple of times just trying to run a hundred yards in the sand!”
And she struggled to perfect her character General Antiope’s fighting skills: “It was also trying to become adept because I was the ambidextrous fighter, so riding the horse while holding the bow was tough.”
Robin also didn’t like the leather underwear she had to don – at first, but she took them all home when shooting wrapped.”
New mum Gadot had a very different experience and she thoroughly enjoyed getting into super shape to play Wonder Woman.
“It was such a pleasure,” the Israeli actress tells WENN. “Getting to wield those swords and the bow and arrow. It was just a lot of fun to do. Riding a horse with a bow and arrow and a sword, that’s what women warriors did in combat for thousands of years and it felt like we were bringing it back. I just can’t believe that’s the only time in my career I’ve had the chance to do that. I’d love to just do that all the time!
“The costumes made it super hard to do it but they did make you feel bad**s.”

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