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Rocker David Lee Roth is battling an obsessed cell phone stalker

Van Halen star David Lee Roth is having stalker struggles.
The Jump singer has revealed he’s being terrorised by an obsessed fan who has called his phone early in the morning nearly a hundred times in the past few months.
Posting all about the scary experience on his website, the singer writes: “Help! I have a stalker. A very real one. 75 stalker phone calls in the last four months. All of them at 5:30-6:00 in the morning… Every now and then at 2 in the afternoon. Never on the weekend. The phone calls show up on my old phone but they don’t show up on the phone bill.
“Somebody knows a little bit about tech. They even know how to remove the number out of my phone when they want to.”
He adds, “This stalker is particularly obsessed. They’re no longer prank calls… These stalker calls come under the heading of ‘Domestic Terrorism’.”
Van Halen reveals he has called in “the professionals”, who have told him the calls are designed to terrify him and ruin his day, adding it’s “exactly what happened to me during my first stalker experience in 1977”.
He states, “Having been through the stalker experience one time curiously made the second time even worse. I was more afraid and more intimidated the second time around. It really threw me off in the way where you stop eating or you eat too much and you sleep all the time.
“Somebody out there knows their tech… Whoever is doing this knows that it’s a felony and he’s hiding… I haven’t pursued it beyond all the normal channels. What can I do? But I certainly invite anyone who speaks tech to weigh in here because it’s pretty rare that just one person does this much obsessive conduct and nobody else knows about it. Whoever is doing this works somewhere, they eat lunch somewhere, they sleep somewhere and probably with someone.”

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