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Rod Stewart bans wife from making supper

Rod Stewart won’t allow his wife Penny Lancaster to prepare dinner for the family because he doesn’t think she’s a good enough cook.
The 71-year-old Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? singer and the 45-year-old model/photographer tied the knot back in 2007, but after nearly a decade of marriage, he is still unimpressed with her culinary skills.
“When it comes to dinner time, he likes to have a three-course meal,” Penny explained during an appearance on U.K. talk show Loose Women. “When he’s on tour, it finishes very late so he eats before the show and eats very little after because it’s extremely late. But when he’s not working, which isn’t very often, he likes to do a proper, proper dinner.”
She concludes with a laugh: “I do breakfast and lunches and someone else does dinner because I’m not good enough for the ‘restaurant’ standards.”
However, the couple’s sons Alistair, 10, and Aiden, five, love their mum’s cooking, especially her spaghetti bolognese dish.
“That’s my sons’ favourite. I had it as a kid and now they love it,” she smiles.
Rod might prefer fine dining, but his taste in clothes is very simple – he prefers budget brands over designer labels.
“I love Zara,” he told Q magazine. “I went into the one in Rio in Brazil and bought four pairs of trousers, three shirts and couple of jackets – $220! There’s nothing wrong with the high street at all. I haven’t been into Dolce & Gabbana for donkey’s years ( a long time).”
Rod cannot seem to pass his love of thriftiness on to his children, however, as during the same Brazilian shopping trip, his offspring couldn’t help but walk into a high-end boutique.
“My son, he goes down to Ralph Lauren and buys a pair of shoes for $600,” Stewart recalled. “I say, ‘Go to Zara! What’s wrong with you?’ I’ve got a load of Topman stuff, too.”

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