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Rod Stewart’s ‘sex police’ secrets revealed by former drummer

Rod Stewart led the ‘sex police’ during his wild heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and made sure none of his band or crew members were enjoying nights of passion without him.
Rocker Carmine Appice, who was Rod’s drummer back in the day, has opened up about his love/hate relationship with the Baby Jane singer in his new autobiography, and he recalls the mean things they used to do with girls they found their pals with in hotel suites.
Appice, who was also a member of Rod’s Sex Police writes: “If word spread that somebody had taken a chick back to the room the rest of us would don our Sex Police T-shirts. We would then charge down the hotel corridor to that person’s room, singing our theme song as we went – to the tune of the Dragnet TV theme: ‘Sex Police, we’re the sex police, Sex Police, we’re the sex police…’
“Once we got in the room we would cause as much mayhem as possible; beds would be tipped over; sometimes the chick would get thrown out without her clothes. Our motto was cruel but fair and we would try to get a hold of a spare key in advance of a raid.
“Rod was very involved with one raid when we spotted a band member sneaking out of a bar with a chick. We switched off the main electric breaker for the room and gaffer-taped the door up so nobody could get out. We banged hard on the door to freak them out and it worked with the girl flipping out because she couldn’t open the door. Then Rod and I proudly posed for photos in our Sex Police T-shirts.”
Appice’s friendship with Rod soured to such an extent, the singer fired his drummer, but they recently patched things things up when Stewart agreed to sign the foreword of his old mate’s new book.
Appice, who co-wrote Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, was surprised to get an invite to Rod’s 70th birthday party and took the opportunity to ask his former boss to be part of his autobiography.
“I asked my writer (Ian Gittins) if we should get Rod to do the intro but I didn’t have direct contact with him; even his band members have to make an appointment to talk to him,” Appice tells WENN. “So I emailed his assistant, and asked him, ‘What are the odds of Rod writing the foreword for my book?’
“He got back to me six weeks later and said, ‘Why don’t you write it and Rod will just put his name to it’. So Ian talked to him and they worked it out. Rod was in England and they got on the phone for 20 minutes and Rod told him what he’d like to say and he wrote it. Then we sent it to his manager, Rod read it, loved it and he signed it.”
Carmine, who now plays in an all-star Rod Stewart cover band, The Rod Alumni Presents: The Rod Experience, admits he was puzzled by the fact his former bandleader could not recall why he fired the drummer.
“He said, ‘I fired him, God knows why’. I know why,” Appice snears. “If you read Rod’s book, he was cocained out at that part of time! I was on the back of that Young Turks album with his (Stewart) arm around me and we all had sailor suits on. After I left the band, in the next pressing, they superimposed (his new drummer) Tony Brock’s head on my body!”

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