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Rodman opens up about fight for sobriety

The sportsman-turned-reality-TV-star battled his addiction in front of millions this year (10) as part of U.S. TV shows Celebrity Rehab and Sober House – but numerous reports have suggested he’s continued to drink.

Rodman’s representative spoke out in defence of the recovering alcoholic back in May (10), insisting the star’s struggle to stay sober has been “a gradual process” as rumours swirled he’d relapsed.

Now the athlete is speaking out about his daily battle to quit drinking, and reveals he’s not ready to give up the bottle just yet.

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He says, “It’s definitely difficult to party after such a long time and really give it (drinking) up like that (snaps fingers)…

“You just can’t go into a program and get sober after 30 days.”

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