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Roger Taylor’s daughter Tigerlily teased for liking Queen

Tigerlily Taylor was bullied for listening to her father Roger Taylor’s band, Queen at school.
The British group may be one of the most famous acts in musical history, but 21-year-old Tigerlily’s peers didn’t see it that way.
Originally fronted by the late Freddie Mercury, Queen now calls upon American star Adam Lambert to join drummer Roger and guitarist Brian May for its sell out gigs.
“I used to listen to them so much when I was younger but I strayed away because I used to get bullied at school,” Tigerlily admitted to Britain’s Hello Fashion Monthly magazine.
“People would put them on at a party and be like, ‘Ha! Ha!’, so I kind of developed a bit of an aversion to them for a while. But I do love their music.”
However, Tigerlily did find a friend in fellow model Cara Delevingne, and the pair ended up sharing a dorm together at posh UK boarding school Bedales.
“(Cara was) the only reason I went to Bedales and the only person I knew in the beginning,” she explained. “I was in her dorm and she was kind of like my older sister. She was hilarious, actually, and we had so much fun.”

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