ROLE CALL: Leo Dreams of Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Force could still be with “Titanic” mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who talked about the “Star Wars” rumors in an interview last week with “Entertainment Tonight.” Leo reports that he and George Lucas have discussed the idea of the 25-year-old playing Anakin, and the actor wants to do it. So far, though, there has been no official word from either camp.

Leo‘s comments came during a round of press interviews for his latest project, “The Beach.” The 20th Century Fox movie, an eerie adventure directed by “Trainspotting‘s” Danny Boyle, is set to open Feb. 11.

Meanwhile, Lucas is busy preparing the next “Star Wars” script. If the stars align right, the director will begin filming the second in the series’ prequel trilogy in June. He expects to complete shooting by October.

STAR TREKKER SETS PHASER TO SPOOF: “Star Trek: Next Generation” actor and director Jonathan Frakes can’t be accused of lacking a sense of humor. Daily Variety reports that the franchise player has signed up to helm the sci-fi spoof “Steve Was Here” for Sony-based Centropolis Entertainment.

The filmmaker, who’s already directed two “Trek” movies, signed a six-figure deal for the project. Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, heads of Centropolis and the filmmakers responsible for “Stargate,” “Independence Day” and “Godzilla,” will serve as the movie’s executive producers. “Steve” tells the story of a sad town and its civilians, who decide to create a fake alien landing in order to boost tourism. Norman Steinberg is the screenwriter.

SELLECK TRIES NEW PARTY: Republican Tom Selleck joins the Hollywood majority playing a Democratic presidential candidate in an upcoming cable TV movie. According to Variety, Selleck will headline TNT’s dramedy “Washington Slept Here,” about a leading candidate in the Democratic primaries. The $10 million film is supposed to begin a six-week shoot in Los Angeles in order to make its scheduled air date in August, which would coincide with the real Democratic convention in L.A. Selleck‘s co-stars include Faye Dunaway, Laura Linney, Nancy Travis and Teri Hatcher.

FRIENDLY CYBERGIRL: Jennifer Aniston will prove she’s Internet-friendly as the producer and star of an original series for the Web site VOXXY. Aimed at teen-age girls, the site plans to feature 13 “empowering” and “entertaining” half-hour episodes throughout the spring.