ROLE CALL: Leo out of Anakin Sweepstakes

Some guys would give a lung to play Anakin Skywalker in the new “Star Wars” movie. Leonardo ? He’s “unavailable.” The actor’s rep tells USA Today that the 25-year-old star did meet with George Lucas about the “Episode II” prequel. But the conference was all for naught. Says DiCaprio publicist Ken Sunshine: “[H]e is definitely unavailable.”

“Episode II” is slated to go before cameras this summer — about the same time DiCaprio is slated to start “Gangs of New York” for Martin Scorsese.

HEY, ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE! The Hollywood Reporter saysKirsten Dunst (“Dick“) will star in “Getting Over Allison,” a really original-sounding romantic comedy about teen-agers, senior year and angst.

COMING SOON — “RITALIN: THE MOTION PICTURE”: Taye Diggs (“The Best Man“) is in talks to star in “Librium,” about a society wherein the populace is required to take daily doses of, yes, Librium. It’s described as a futuristic flick, not to be confused with modern-day society.