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Rolf Harris re-applies to wipe his assault conviction

Disgraced U.K. TV personality Rolf Harris has renewed his application to scrub his indecent assault conviction which landed him behind bars in 2014.
The Australian artist and singer has filed paperwork at the Court of Appeal in London as his legal team insists there was overwhelming evidence proving he wasn’t anywhere near an area where one of the alleged crimes took place.
The 87-year-old is hoping to overturn the 12 indecent assault convictions that cost him his freedom.
He was sentenced to over five years behind bars in 2014, but released in May (17).
One of the four girls who accused him of assault between 1968 and 1986 claimed one incident took place at Leigh Park community centre in Hampshire, England. His lawyers claim they can prove Rolf wasn’t anywhere near the place on the day in question.
Stephen Vullo QC, who is representing Harris, tells the BBC, “We only need to show one count was unsafe in order to have a retrial.”

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