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Romijn pays tribute to Narnia producer Moore

An initial autopsy to determine the filmmaker’s cause of death proved inconclusive, although reports suggest the 39 year old died from an accidental overdose of painkiller OxyContin, according to the New York Daily News.

Romijn, who starred in Moore’s movie Lake City, has now paid tribute to the man who helped to bring the Chronicles of Narnia books to life on the big screen, admitting her friend’s death has hit her hard.

She says, “I will miss him tremendously and will mourn the fact that my daughters will not get to grow up knowing their Uncle Perry.”

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Moore’s Narnia producing partner Mark Johnson has also honoured the late star, crediting him with taking charge of the three C.S. Lewis projects.

Johnson adds: “He, in many ways, started these films. I’ve lost a really wonderful friend.”

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