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Ron Jeremy Positive Image Award revoked

Porn mogul Ron Jeremy has had an award revoked following allegations of sexual misconduct.
The Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the national trade association for the adult film industry, announced on Friday (03Nov17) it is rescinding the Positive Image Award it gave Jeremy in 2009.
“We have now heard multiple accounts, both publicly and in confidence, from upset, angry performers about encounters with Ron Jeremy that ranged from groping to assault,” FSC Executive Director Eric Paul Leue said.
“In an interview following the allegations, Jeremy dismissed the accounts or made excuses. We cannot honour someone who refuses to take his colleagues’ right to consent seriously,” he continued.
The Positive Image Award honours a person who helps dispel negative stereotypes and misconceptions about working in the adult entertainment industry, Patch.com reports.
In an interview with The Daily Beast, Ron questioned recent allegations in online forums suggesting he had groped women at adult film exhibitions.
“If I ever grabbed a girl against her will, I’d have a face like a panda bear,” Jeremy said. “If I did something against someone’s will, I’d have been punched in the face by now.”
He denied an allegation made on social media by a webcam model who goes by the name of Miss Lollipop. She claimed Jeremy once stuck his hand in her underwear and fondled her while they were posing for a photo at an adult film convention.
“I don’t think that happened,” he told The Daily Beast. “Maybe I was massaging. I’ve done that. Maybe a little tap, pinch, squeeze. I’ve done that but I always ask first.”

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