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Ron Perlman to develop and star in Ernest Hemingway film in Cuba

Ron Perlman was so inspired by life in Cuba while filming Sergio and Sergei there he is now working on a film about late writer Ernest Hemingway, who spent his final days in Havana.
The Hellboy star spent 10 days in the country working on his new movie about a cosmonaut stranded on The Mir Space Station, following the restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba last year (15), and he loved every minute.
Perlman is now developing a new film about writer Hemingway’s final days and he will head back to Cuba to shoot it.
“A lot of American productions are going down now to utilise what is fresh, virgin territory, for a number of reasons that include economic ones, in anticipation of what is about to explode in a new chapter for American and Cuban relations,” he says. “The table is set for that and forward thinking people are positioning themselves to test the waters for what a collaboration like that will yield.”
In the new film, the 66-year-old Hellboy star will play Hemingway, who lived in Cuba in the 1940s and 1950s.
“I visited the Hemingway estate down there and did a bar crawl of all the places Papa (Hemingway) drank and f**ked and ate and wrote,” Ron smiles. “His love affair with Havana is not unlike my own – immediate and visceral.
“Since I’m around the same age Hemingway was when he put the rifle in his mouth, we’re doing a story on the last days of Hemingway, focusing on the very last day. We’ll shoot it down there, his adopted home. Now that I’ve seen it, I understand and embrace his passion for the place.”
Perlman reveals top Cuban novelist Enrique Cirules, who is an expert on all things Hemingway, will be helping him develop the script.

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