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Ronda Rousey hated ‘hellish’ home

UFC star-turned-actress Ronda Rousey is amazed she didn’t fall seriously ill living in “hellish” conditions before she found fame.
The Furious 7 star recently revisited the Venice Beach, California pad she called home for her upcoming documentary, In Her Father’s Eyes, and in a clip of the film, she admits even she is stunned by how she managed to survive in the run-down shack.
“Did you want a tour of my house?” she smiled to filmmakers as she greets them at the door.
She then leads the cameraman through to the kitchen, which is covered in litter.
“People eat here, apparently,” she quipped, as she opened up her old kitchen cabinets. “I don’t know how we haven’t come up with a new strain of cholera or something.”
However, Ronda claims the home wasn’t always so filthy and she and her roommates only stopped caring about cleaning up when they learned the place was set for demolition once they moved out.
“So as soon we found out, we were like, ‘Well, who gives a s**t. They’re tearing down the house,'” she explained. “So we kind of let it all go to hell. But it was already kind of hellish when I moved in. I didn’t make it like this.”
The 29-year-old’s life now couldn’t be farther from the “ramshackle” pad as she’s reportedly worth an estimated $9 million (£6.4 million).
However, her windfall didn’t stop the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model from feeling suicidal following her shocking UFC defeat to Australian fighter Holly Holm in November (15).
She recently told U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres she felt so worthless after the loss, she sat slumped in the corner of the medical room immediately after the bout, telling herself: “What I am anymore if I’m not this?”
“I was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself,” she recalled as she fought back tears, “and that exact second I’m like, ‘I’m nothing, what do I do anymore?’ and ‘No one gives a s**t about me anymore without this.'”

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