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Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife warns rocker about fatherhood

Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife fears the rocker will struggle as a 68-year-old dad.
The Rolling Stones star and his third wife Sally, 38, announced she was expecting twin daughters in December (15), and now as the delivery date looms, Jo Wood, has warned Ronnie he will get a nasty shock when the babies are born, as he was preoccupied with his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle when their two children were infants.
“When he last had kids, he was flying high on cocaine and booze back then, so missed all the sleepless nights and the crying,” Jo, who was married to the guitarist for 26 years, tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.
“I don’t think he remembers when the babies couldn’t sleep and when they were ill. So this time now he’s stone cold sober, I think he’ll get a shock.”
“New parenthood gets much harder in your late thirties and beyond, so God knows how he’ll cope going on 70. It’s mentally exhausting and to have two at the same time…”
The model and businesswoman, who wrote the book It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll: 30 Years Married to a Rolling Stone, also feels sad that Ronnie’s advancing years will most likely mean he won’t see his children grow old.
“I do think he’s left it late to have more children and I feel sad that the kids won’t know him when they’re grown up,” Jo adds.
“In many ways she’s (current wife Sally) lucky that Ronnie agreed to have children in the first place. Many men his age don’t want to start again – so it’s admirable, I’ll give him credit for that.”
Ronnie and Sally are taking no chances with her health during pregnancy – she did not join the musician on the Rolling Stones tour of Latin America, due to the risk posed by the Zika virus.
The mosquito-borne disease has been linked to cases of microcephaly, a disorder which leads to underdeveloped skulls and brains in children born to pregnant women who contract the virus.

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