RuPaul: ‘I want talk show to help mend the divisiveness in the world’


Rupaul hopes his TV talk show will bring people together and help mend the “divisiveness in the world right now”.

The television personality has landed the new series, simply titled RuPaul, which will premiere on select Fox Television stations as a “destination place, where friends can get together and talk”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles over the weekend (May 25-26, 2019), the Drag Race host shared his excitement over his latest venture – his first talk show since he hosted since The RuPaul Show for VH1 in the late 1990s. And he also expressed his hope that the show will transcend cultural and political differences and help bring people together.

“There’s so much divisiveness in the world right now. I wanna be part of the mending of that,” he told ET. “The talk show is part of that, Drag Race is a part of that. I believe in love, I believe in kindness.”

The 58-year-old, full name RuPaul Andre Charles, hopes the show is a success, but he’s just excited to be given the opportunity to return to his favorite format.

“It’s so much fun!” he enthused. “It’s just like when we’re hanging out at Drag Race, and we’re backstage just talking. It’s very relaxed.”

“I’ve been in show business for a long, long time. You do a lot of projects (and) most projects do not work, which is fine,” he reflected. “You just go in and you do your best and you see what happens. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, that’s OK!”

He concluded: “I’m having a great time.”

RuPaul will premiere in the U.S. on select Fox Television stations on 10 June 2019.