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Russell Crowe blasts out music to help him direct stars on set

Russell Crowe insisted on playing inspirational music to the cast of his debut feature film The Water Diviner during takes.
The Gladiator star, 53, filmed the First World War movie in Gallipoli, Turkey – the scene of a bloody battle in which more than 100,000 Allied and Ottoman Empire troops died.
To get the movie’s stars Olga Kurylenko and Jai Courtney in the mood, as well as ensure they were not speaking too loudly in scenes, Russell blasted out music on set.
“Music on a set can be so effective while you are shooting,” the actor and filmmaker told the BBC. “I learnt that with (his director from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) Peter Weir. The concept is, if he hears your voice above the music, you must now leave the set. It’s designed to keep your voice down.
“When I was directing the Water Diviner I did the same thing. You can be in some fabulous location, you’re looking out over the battlefields of Gallipoli, you’ve got music playing – it can be extremely inspiring, not just for the actors but for the crew as well.”
In addition to acting and directing, Russell is a keen musician and toured the U.K. and Ireland with his band, the Indoor Garden Party, earlier this year (17).
He is to feature on Sound and Vision, a new BBC 6 Music radio series exploring the relationship between music and film, which kicks off on Saturday (05Nov17), when James Bond director Sam Mendes will be interviewed by host Miranda Sawyer.
Of appearing on the show, Sam said: “It will be a genuine pleasure to play some of my favourite records and also to talk a little bit about how music has played an important part in my life and in my films.”
The episode featuring Russell will air on 12 November (17).

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