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Ryan Gosling failed to recognise childhood crush Raquel Welch at premiere

Movie veteran Raquel Welch suffered a blow to her ego when Ryan Gosling failed to recognise his first crush at a film premiere.
The actress had heard the La La Land star was a big fan and approached him on the red carpet at a screening of his film The Big Short – but he had no idea who she was.
“I came over to him and sort of presented myself, smiling and he didn’t recognise me,” Raquel said during an appearance on U.S. TV show The Talk on Tuesday (23May17).
But she wasn’t too upset, accepting she no longer looks like she did in the 1980s, when young Ryan first fell for her.
“That girl there was quite a bit different than the way I am now and of course there’s a few more years,” she adds. “(But) we had a nice little chat and everything, and he said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so different than I thought you’d be’… I talked a little bit about The Notebook and how I thought that was the most romantic movie ever and I just loved the way his acting was.”
Raquel went on to say she thought Ryan was “a really good actor”, and confessed she has watched The Notebook more than any other movie.

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