Ryan Gosling met with relatives of Gangster Squad character for research

In the film, The Notebook hunk portrays Los Angeles Police Sergeant Jerry Wooters, who protected the city during the 1940s and 1950s by attempting to keep members of the Mafia off the streets.

And, in order to be as authentic as possible, he sat down with Wooters’ children to capture some of their dad’s quirks.

He tells People.com, “His kids came to the set and told me a lot of stories and a lot of great details. Like, when he would ash his cigarette, he would ash into the cuff of his pants. Then at the end of the day, he would dump out his cuffs, dump out all the ashes.”

But while Gosling admits he had a great time imitating the way the cop walked and talked, he didn’t enjoy his period costume attire.

He adds, “The wool was quite itchy, so I had a rash. I channelled that irritation into my hatred for the gangsters.”