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Ryan Murphy’s parents hoped therapy would turn him straight

The writer/director revealed his sexual preference when he was 15 after they discovered he had been having “an affair” with a man six years his senior.

But rather than accept the fact their son was gay, Murphy’s Catholic parents pulled him out of summer camp, sold his car, and threatened to file statutory rape charges against the boyfriend. Then they enrolled him in therapy sessions to help him “overcome” his attraction towards men.

The plan backfired when his understanding counsellor encouraged his parents to find peace with their son’s sexuality.

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Murphy tells Vogue magazine, “Luckily, I had a brilliant therapist who after two sessions called my parents in and said, ‘Your child is very smart and manipulative, and clearly he’s getting A-pluses in school even though this is going on, so either you deal with it honestly or he will turn 18 and you will never see him again.’

“There was a long silent car ride home, and we never spoke of it again.”

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