Ryan Reynolds recounts terrifying bear encounter


Ryan Reynolds has spoken about his terrifying, late-night encounter with a mountain bear.

The actor was camping at Canada’s Garibaldi Provincial Park back in his school days when he and his tentmate were woken in the night by the sound of a bear scratching its back on the side of their tent.

Reynolds, 42, revealed the horrifying experience on the back of recording the new IMAX nature documentary, Great Bear Rainforest.

“We naturally flipped out,” he told USA Today. “I don’t think they make diapers secure enough for teenage boys at that age when something like that happens. My eyes were the size of dinner plates.”
Reynolds said that he pulled out a jackknife so that he could “cut a hole in the tent so we could go out the other side” if he needed to, but revealed that the pair’s screams managed to scare the bear away.

“We screamed bloody murder,” the Deadpool 2 star recalled. “The bear took off pretty quickly once we screamed.”

The next day, the group’s leader examined the bear’s tracks, concluding it appeared to be a cub, based on the size and weight of its prints.

While Reynolds said the news was a comfort, he was quick to point out that they weren’t completely free from danger.

“I’m sure this cub meant no harm and was probably checking us out,” he suggested. “But it’s still a sign to get the hell out of there. Because mama is going to be close by.”