Ryan Reynolds Has Broken His Neck & Separated His Shoulders While Filming

Ryan Reynolds
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Ryan Reynolds separated both his shoulders and suffered nasty neck and back injuries while filming movie stunts.

The actor, whose new comic book blockbuster Deadpool hits cinemas next month (Feb16), admits he has been plagued by injuries due to the demands of action-packed film shoots.

Ryan, 39, reveals he damaged a spinal disc, suffered two separated shoulders, and sustained a painful neck injury while filming, but the actor insists his list of movie-related ailments is simply part of growing older.

“I’m not 22 any more,” he tells Men’s Health magazine. “When I jump off a building and hit cement, it’s not hilarious any more: it f**king hurts… So I’m dealing with a ton of nagging injuries. After 15 years of intermittent action movies, you get your a** kicked. I’ve broken my neck; I’ve separated both my shoulders and I’ve got a wrecked disc in my back.”

In Ryan’s new movie Deadpool, he reprises the comic book killer, also known as Wade Wilson, who he played in 2009 superhero spin-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and last week (ends24Jan16), he surprised fans at a screening.

The actor and his wife, Blake Lively, made an unscheduled appearance at a preview of the film in New York, and Ryan hosted a pre-screening discussion, much to the excitement of the lucky cinema-goers.

The fans thought they were just going to be shown some preview footage from the film, but Ryan treated them to a full screening of the movie instead.

He later shared a snap of himself in front of the packed audience, and captioned the image, “Well, that went well. Surprising an entire theater full of people with an early screening of #Deadpool.”

Blake posted the same image on her Instagram page, and pointed herself out in the background by drawing an arrow on the picture.

“Who’s that babe in the back?!” she joked. “It was my first time seeing the movie tonight – yes, at the surprise screening for the fans, I mean who do I have to sleep with to get into this movie?! Have to say… Best. Movie. Ever. No joke.”