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Salma Hayek’s businessman husband has boosted her decision making skills

The actress admits the French CEO of the luxury-brands firm PPR, whose labels include Gucci and Balenciaga, is a “master of decision making” and he has advised her better than any business manager could.

She tells More magazine, “I have a master of decision making helping me out, so of course my life and my career are better. I really enjoy having somebody that I can be weak with. If I’m insecure or afraid, I can talk about it, and he’ll give me strength and courage.

“I noticed in the past, a lot of guys who like strong women, they really freak out if you’re not strong 24/7. Or they complain about you being strong, then the moment you’re not strong, they’re like, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’

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“With us, there’s no power struggle. I don’t mind doing things for him because he does so much for me, and he feels the same way.”

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