Salma Hayek: ‘There’s too many action movies’


Actress Salma Hayek has criticized Hollywood for making “way too many” poor quality action films.

The From Dusk till Dawn actress is currently promoting new movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard, an action flick in which she plays the wife of Samuel L Jackson’s assassin character.

And while discussing her latest movie, the 50-year-old was critical of Hollywood’s constant churning out of action movies, and insisted that cinemagoers are desperate for better quality fare.

“I think that there’s way too many action films, and it’s really hard to find a really good one,” she insisted to Sky News in an interview on Tuesday (15Aug17). “So I think that more than people looking for stand alone, they’re looking for stand apart because there are so many that are alike.

“And this is what I think the strength of this film is, that it’s really different.”

Her co-star, movie veteran Samuel, who has appeared in his fair share of classic action flicks including The Long Kiss Goodnight, Triple X and Deep Blue Sea, agreed, “Honestly there’s a lot of bad stuff.”

The 68-year-old star plays a hitman trying to make his way to the International Court of Justice at The Hague in order to testify against a villain played by Gary Oldman. Samuel’s character is being protected by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds‘ bodyguard, and the two are involved in various incidents en route in the action comedy.

The Avengers star told the news outlet the movie will appeal to film fans who want to see people on screen that look “more like them”.

“Superhero movies are superhero movies, they’re fine, but people like seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things or enjoy their lives the way they might enjoy them, and they can relate to them in a very honest and real kind of way,” he stated.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard began hitting screens from 10 August.

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