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Samuel L. Jackson’s wife charmed by Bill Clinton

The married politician, who famously engaged in sexual relations with his White House intern Monica Lewinsky, has a reputation for being a ladies’ man, and Jackson witnessed it first hand after watching his wife fall under Clinton’s spell back in 2004.

Jackson star tells Elle magazine, “I watched him (Clinton) charm my wife one night. He’d just had (quadruple-bypass) surgery and we were at a fundraiser in Hollywood. She asked him how was he was feeling, and he started explaining the whole procedure to her and how his life had changed.

“And he was holding her hand and kind of rubbing her upper arm. And she was mesmerised! As soon as I left, I was like, ‘So, you want to go home with him now or what?’ She’s like, ‘He had me. I was done. I get it now.’ He just rocked her.”

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However, the Pulp Fiction star, who has since become golf buddies with Clinton, declined to confront his pal about the incident, insisting: “There’s nothing to say! Other than, ‘Nice to see you.'”

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