Samuel L. Jackson Wants Highest-Grossing Star Title Back From Harrison Ford


Samuel L. Jackson is on a mission to take back his highest-grossing actor in the history of Hollywood crown from Harrison Ford.

The Pulp Fiction star’s films have amassed over $17 billion at the global box office, but Ford’s 2015 Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, put the veteran back in front after giving up his title to Jackson.

“I’m still trying to catch Harrison…,” Sam told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Monday (27Feb17). “Harrison is still ahead of me because of Star Wars last year.”

Jackson is hoping his new movie Kong: Skull Island and the xXx sequel will help him get the title back:

“My assistant told me I was, like, $150 million or something behind him, but I’ve got a chance to grab him with either this movie (and) xXx is doing really well in China, so I might catch him soon…

“Whenever The Incredibles 2 comes out, that’s a given. Done… Then I’ll be back as the highest-grossing actor in the history of Hollywood. I had that title for about five years and Harrison made one movie…”

And like many of his fans, Sam will never switch channels if he’s onscreen: “I love watching my movies; that’s why I’m here,” he smiled.

“Back when I was doing theatre in New York I always wanted to see the play I was in with me in it, and that’s impossible, so when I got a chance to do movies it was, like, heaven.

“If I’m at home channel-surfing and there’s nothing on that I really wanna watch, I can throw my name into the search engine and something will come up that I wanna see.”

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