Sandra Bullock explains refusal to shoot sex scenes


Sandra Bullock has opened up about her decision not to appear in sex scenes.

The actress is one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, having headlined hit films such as Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality as well as The Blind Side, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

While Sandra appeared almost nude in 2009 romantic comedy The Proposal, she has long been rumoured to have a clause in her contracts stipulating a refusal to appear in sex scenes, and has now explained that she has no interest in knowing what her “best angles” are in the bedroom.

“I’m not the kind of person who says, ‘I’m gonna tape myself having sexual intercourse cos I’m gonna look good!'” she told The Sunday Times Magazine. “I don’t want to know what my best angles are. Don’t wanna see it. Don’t want to hear it. Therefore, I’m not going to do it on film.”

Sandra, who is currently promoting heist movie Ocean’s 8, went on to explain that because she’s always pursued unconventional female roles, every step of her career “was a fight”. However, she credits her comedic ability for much of her film success.

“I was always saying, ‘Can it not be the typical narrative of the girl getting the guy? If there is a romantic scene, can it be funny?'” the 53-year-old recalled. “Comedy has always been my deflector. It’s how I’ve survived. It’s safe, because I set the tone.”

During the interview, Sandra also shared that she’s been able to become one of the world’s highest paid stars after securing “the one feminist attorney out there”. And while her lawyer encouraged her to fight for the payment she deserved, she still feels awkward when it comes to discussing money.

“When I made the first big paycheque, people did not say, ‘Good for you,'” she said. “I was attacked on all levels. It’s hard to gloat when you don’t feel you deserve it.”