Saoirse Ronan avoids ‘stressful’ social media

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan steers clear of social media because thinking about what to post is “too stressful”.
The Lady Bird star had a brief presence on Twitter back in 2009, but confesses she was only inspired to test out the micro-blogging platform because British comedian Stephen Fry was such a fan.
“I only went on it because Stephen Fry was on it. ‘Cause he was like, ‘Oh, Twitter, it’s fantastic, it’s a quick little thing,'” she told “And because he got on it, I got on it.”
Nowadays, Saoirse admits she avoids using any kind of new technology during her downtime.
“It’s too much work for me and too stressful,” she shared. “I’ve developed a kind of distant relationship with my phone and technology over the last couple of years.”
The Oscar nominee, 23, also doesn’t want to draw more attention to herself than necessary, especially when she’s not out promoting a new project.
“I get why musicians do it, and journalists or people in the public eye. But acting is a different thing, ’cause you’re not yourself when you’re working. I’m not me in anything that anyone sees me in,” Saoirse explained. “So for me then to get on Twitter and go, ‘Oh, I’ve had a terrible day’ or ‘God, I’ve got such a headache,’ I just don’t think people need to see that.
“And self-promotion has always made me feel really uncomfortable. Even now, my hair is in the middle of being done, and we’re changing it, we’re colouring it, and even the fact that my hair is getting so much attention, I’m sort of like, ‘There’s too much attention on my hair! We have to stop talking about my hair!'”