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Saturday: ‘Saturday Night Live’

[IMG:L]Saturday Night Live — 11:30/10:30c on NBC

If Saturday Night Live doesn’t already have Christopher Walken on retainer, it should really consider such a deal.

The oft-impersonated, never duplicated veteran actor hosts the sketch comedy show for his seventh time, and thankfully there is no end in sight.

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So beloved a host is Walken, in fact, that he is one of a select group of hosts for whom a Best of… was made.

Chief among his skits, of course, is one of the most popular from the past decade or so: 2000’s “More Cowbell,” a spoof of both VH1’s Behind the Music and Blue Oyster Cult’s penchant for that instrument, played by a midriff-baring Will Ferrell.

Everyone’s favorite band to love or hate du jour, Panic at the Disco, is the musical guest tonight.

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