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Saturday: ‘Saturday Night Live Family Thanksgiving Leftovers’

[IMG:L]Saturday Night Live Family Thanksgiving Leftovers — 11:25/10:25c on NBC

The writers strike may have robbed us of new SNL episodes for the time being, but that doesn’t mean Lorne Michaels and co. can’t run best-ofs.

While we’ve missed out on hosts like The Rock and musical guests like Amy Winehouse thanks to the Writers Guild of America strike, Saturday Night Live hasn’t gone down without a fight.

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One Saturday night this month, for example, the show aired a rerun for viewers while staging a makeshift production featuring Michael Cera (Superbad) for those in New York City who wanted to see it in action.

Tonight, it’s certainly better than another rerun, as Thanksgiving-themed skits (featuring Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Paul Simon, Luke WilsonGwyneth Paltrow and Martin Short) spanning SNL‘s entire run are shown.

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