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Saturday: ‘SNL: The Best of ’06/’07’

[IMG:L]SNL: The Best of ‘06/’07 — 8/7c on NBC

Truth be told, Saturday Night Live’s “specialty” episodes post-strike–even the repeats–have kinda been better than its first-runs.

In recent weeks, SNL has more frequently done away with repeats of traditional “host/musical guest” repeats in favor of best-of shows, and such episodes have served as a reminder of the laughs this onetime Saturday night staple used to conjure up on a weekly basis.

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Tonight we’re reminded–and, yes, we needed to be reminded–of the highs from the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

Which is perfect, because every episode nowadays contains as much bad as good; for tonight we can skip the bad.

To be included are Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dreamgirls-drag monologue and some “Weekend Update” segments with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers–as well as, we can only hope, the Emmy-winning (!) Samberg/Timberlake duet “D**k in a Box.”


[IMG:R]The True Story of Charlie Wilson — 8/7c on History Channel
Heading out to see the newly released Charlie Wilson’s War this weekend? Well don’t go in blind, urges this History Channel special about the former Texas congressman. It includes interviews with the real Wilson and the Tom Hanks-starring film’s screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing). Because watching the bio on the History Channel is better than reading it on Wikipedia–barely.

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