Scarlett Johansson still shivers as she recalls big freeze on Under the Skin set

Scarlett Johansson is amazed she didn’t catch pneumonia on the freezing set of 2013’s Under The Skin, because she actually started turning blue while filming in Scotland.
Filmmaker Jonathan Glazer wanted his leading lady to look uncomfortable and kept reprimanding the costume director for handing the actress a coat in between scenes.
Scarlett tells AS IF Magazine, “It was about seven degrees outside; it was so cold. At that point my character was wet all the time, because I spent a big portion of the film outside and it was raining and snowing.
“My hair and clothes were always wet from the rain machines and actual rain. I was completely drenched and cold. In between takes the costume director would give me a warming jacket because I’m sure she saw I was turning blue, and the director, Jonathan Glazer, pulled her aside and asked her to stop giving me the jacket.”
In the thriller, Scarlett portrayed a mysterious seductress targeting lonely men.