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Scorsese campaign earns Hugo dog award nomination

The filmmaker was disappointed to learn Blackie the Doberman had failed to secure a nod for Best Dog In A Theatrical Film at the annual prizegiving, which recognises the most talented pooches in Hollywood.

Scorsese wrote an open letter to the Los Angeles Times complaining about Blackie’s snub, insisting his furry friend was just as deserving for a nomination as Uggie the Jack Russell, who has been recognised twice for his work in The Artist and Water for Elephants.

Organisers at the Dog News Daily agreed to include Blackie in the category if 500 public nominations were received via Facebook.com, and fans flocked to the social networking website to rally support for the Doberman.

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Dog News Daily boss Alan Siskind has now relented, saying, “Due to the outpouring of love and support from around the world from fans of Mr. Scorsese, his film Hugo and its canine star Blackie, the write-in campaign… has been successful.

“Blackie’s name has been added to the Best Dog in a Theatrical Film category as the sixth and final nominee in that category.”

Also competing for Top Dog are: Cosmo from Ewan McGregor’s drama Beginners, Denver of the comedy 50/50, and Young Adult star Hummer.

The inaugural Golden Collar Awards will take place in Los Angeles on 13 February (12), two weeks before the Oscars.

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