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Scott Foley and Greg Grunberg enter ice-cream business

The actors, who became friends after starring in J.J. Abrams’ U.S. TV series Felicity in 1998, came up with a plan to sell a tasty ice-cream and cake dessert years ago, but turning the idea into a reality proved much more complicated than they had expected.

Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband Foley explains, “There is a product I’ve been developing with a former co-star, Greg Grunberg. I was at his son’s birthday party about a dozen years ago and I had cake and ice-cream in a bowl and I was mixing it together and eating it and he looked over my shoulder and he said, ‘We should do that. We should make cake and ice-cream together and sell it in pints.’

“So we put something together and gave it to our friends and looked into making it and it was such a pain in the neck because we didn’t know anything about ice-cream and cake and so kind of abandoned it.”

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But the stars’ luck changed after one chance encounter and Foley and Grunberg are now set to see their Semi Famous Cake and Ice-Cream on supermarket shelves across America.

Foley adds, “(Grunberg) met a man on a plane who was in the food service industry and pitched him this idea, and now we’ve got this product called Semi Famous, which is what we are, Cake and Ice-Cream. We’re opening in supermarkets and grocery stores near you.”

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