Scott sparked American Pie Reunion idea

The principle stars of the comedy franchise – including Scott, Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Jennifer Coolidge and Alyson Hannigan – have signed up to appear in American Reunion, their first time onscreen together since 2003’s American Wedding.

Scott, who plays party boy Steve Stifler, admits he has been working on the idea for a comeback movie for years, and was overjoyed to finally reunite with his former castmates.

He tells Digital Spy, “It was a long time in the making because I pitched the movie three years ago, the idea of bringing everybody back for a high school reunion. I had three years to go, ‘Wow, how much fun is it going to be to play Stifler in his 30s’. It was a blast.”

Speaking about his character, the actor adds, “He’s regressed… I was like, ‘He’s gotta be just weird! He’s older now, so he’s got to be weirder and crazier’. I don’t eat dog s**t in the movie, though, not like in the last one. Some weird stuff happens.”