Sean Connery Reduced Richard Gere to Tears

Sean Connery has such an intimidating on-set presence, he reduced Richard Gere to tears.

The Pretty Woman actor was so offended by the abrupt treatment he received
from the screen legend during filming for 1995’s First Knight, he retreated to
his trailer and broke down.

Connery, who was playing King Arthur, growled at Gere, “Where have you been?
You want to get a move on,” when he arrived late on set.

After the scene was wrapped up, Gere, who starred as Lancelot, fled to his
trailer and broke down. He was too scared to confront Connery so he sent his
assistant with a message informing the 74-year-old of his distress.

But Connery remained unfazed: “A fuss about nothing. You get this on film

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