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Sean Kingston facing more trouble over unpaid legal fees

Singer Sean Kingston is facing a $27,000 (£19,100) judgment over unpaid legal fees.
The Beautiful Girls star was sued in July (15) by bosses at the Law Offices of James J. Gangitano, who claimed he owed over $17,000 (£12,010) for services they performed from July, 2013 to June, 2015.
Kingston reportedly accrued $17,500 (£12,360) in fees and only settled bills for $5,000 (£3,530), and the lawyers subsequently sought the remaining balance of $12,500 (£8,830), plus interest and lawyers’ fees.
In September (15), Kingston and his former attorneys reportedly reached a settlement, in which the 26-year-old agreed to pay $15,000 (£10,600) in four instalments. The first payment of $2,500 (£1,765) was due that month, but Kingston allegedly only handed over $1,500 (£1,060) days after the original due date.
Kingston failed to make good on the additional funds and as per the agreement, he would be hit with a $28,500 (£20,115) judgment for the missed instalments, according to TheJasmineBrand.com.
The plaintiffs have since filed legal documents to have the judgment, minus his single payment, enforced.

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