Sean Lennon: ‘My dad’s fans hijack my memories of him’

John Lennon’s son Sean is fed up of fans “hijacking” his memories of his dad by telling them how important he was to them.
Sean was only five years old when John was shot and killed outside his home in New York in December 1980.
However, in an interview with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, Sean admitted that he often finds it hurtful talking about his father to fans, as they rarely take into account that his memories are intimate family ones.
“My relationship to my dad I feel is sometimes hijacked or something and people don’t seem to consider it,” he says. “Not to be critical but for the most part, as real as their feelings are, it is a dream. What I am talking about is a physical person who taught me how to cut my food at dinner.”
Speaking about Beatles fans’ idolisation of his dad, Sean, 43, says they have “no idea” of his own feelings – however much they love his music.
“As big as the significance of The Beatles or of my dad might be to the biggest fan, what people underestimate is how that does not compare to how a father is to a child,” he explains.
“Someone will say, ‘You have no idea how important your dad was to me’. I am not cynical. I understand it but there is also this part of me that feels like: ‘Well actually you have no idea.’ That is a big deal.”