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Selena Gomez hits the studio with Wiz Khalifa

Pop star Selena Gomez has sparked rumours of a secret collaboration with rapper Wiz Khalifa.
The Come & Get It singer only released her second solo album, Revival, in October (15), but she recently started work on new material – and it appears she’s recruited Wiz to help her out.
The hip-hop star hinted at the duet in a post on social media app Snapchat on Thursday (03Mar16), when he shared a brief video clip of himself in a studio with Selena. The 23-year-old was shown bobbing her head along to a tune, before greeting Wiz’s followers by blowing them a kiss.
Wiz didn’t offer up an explanation for the recording session, but it seems the pair may have been introduced by the rapper’s See You Again partner, Charlie Puth, as the singer/songwriter also worked with Selena on his track We Don’t Talk Anymore.
Charlie previously confessed he had reached out to Selena out of the blue, while on tour in Japan, and she ended up finding the perfect sound for her vocals by recording them in his hotel closet.
“I produced it out in Japan, and I wanted to make a record that has that international type feel to it,” Charlie told People.com. “Selena came on to it, and it completed it all.”
“I’m good friends with her now, and we talked about wanting to collaborate, and I was finishing the song, and I was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you sang the second verse?'” he continued. “And that’s really how it happened.
“She came over; she recorded it. I didn’t even have a studio set up; she recorded it in my closet, and it really added a lot to the record.”
The young stars have also been linked romantically, but both Charlie and Selena have insisted they are not dating.

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