Selma Blair determined to ride a horse again as Multiple Sclerosis advances

Actress Selma Blair has vowed to get back on a horse as her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms appear to be getting worse.
The Hellboy star was diagnosed with the disease of the central nervous system last year (18), and in a new Instagram post she reveals the advancing condition is blocking her from one of her most beloved pastimes – riding her horse Mr. Nibbles.
“After I gave birth (to eight-year-old son Arthur) and felt half dead all the time, after the rage and the tears, after my heart exploded with caring and understanding, before any diagnosis, I searched for this horse,” she wrote on Thursday (18Jul19) in a caption attached to an image of herself kissing her white horse.
The star went on to to explain she had been riding the animal under professional instruction at the Cellar Door Farm equestrian facility in California, but she can no longer jump in the saddle due to progressing MS symptoms.
“I knew the only place I was really growing with self love was at @cellardoorequestrian,” she added. “We only had a short time before I couldn’t even get to him (Mr. Nibbles) or stay on.”
However, Selma is not giving up hope and is determined to ride her horse again in the future.
“Even as I get seemingly sicker, I will jump this horse around again,” she vowed. “Affording horseshows will require some major work opportunities ahead. So I am asking for it all. I am asking. For all of us who want it. Ask. Ask. Listen. I have the unicorn. Now I have to be able to find him again.”