Seth Rogen regrets smoking marijuana in front of Steven Spielberg


Seth Rogen regrets smoking marijuana while chatting with Steven Spielberg at a Hollywood party.

The actor has long been open about his use of the drug and appeared in a string of stoner movies such as Knocked Up, Superbad and Pineapple Express in the mid-2000s.

But during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (05Apr18), Seth recalled how he wished he hadn’t been smoking when he was approached by the Hollywood director at one industry bash.

“I was at a party, at an Oscar party maybe. And I had just lit a joint, which you probably shouldn’t do at those things. Literally, at that moment, Steven Spielberg came up and started talking to me, which was insane, but I just lit the joint so I didn’t know what to do,” he shared. “And I know he doesn’t smoke weed and he’s not that big a fan of it. I just found myself thinking, ‘Do I stop? Do I just hold it? That’s weird – I have to keep smoking it’.”

And because he kept puffing away, the star is now adamant he will never be cast in any of Spielberg’s films.

“I just keep smoking it in Steven Spielberg’s face as I saw the look on his face where he’s just like, ‘I’m never working with this motherf**ker ever,'” the 35-year-old laughed.

Later in the interview, Rogen spoke about how he ended up joining a fraternity at the University of Vermont and ended up smoking marijuana with a group of students. Accordingly, host Jimmy decided that the star could be included on a hypothetical “Mount Rushmore” memorial of smokers, citing Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Woody Harrelson as the other celebrities who might feature.

“Wow that’s nice,” smiled Rogen. “I’ve been smoking weed a long time. I smoke weed out in public, people will ask if they can have some of my weed, which is crazy to me… I’d be a walking cold sore if I shared joints with everyone who shared joints with me.”