Seth Rogen terrified of messing up protocol during royal premiere meeting


Seth Rogen feared he’d be “put in the Tower of London” if he messed up the royal protocol when meeting the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex at the recent London premiere of The Lion King.

The 37-year-old actor, who voices Pumbaa in the Disney live-action reboot, got the chance to meet Meghan and her husband Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, at the star-studded event on Sunday night (July 14, 2019).

But catching up with the royal duo came with its own set of concerns, as Seth and co-star Billy Eichner recalled during an interview on U.K. TV show This Morning on Tuesday.

“You’re given a lot of protocol to follow which is unusual,” Seth explained. “Respect their personal space. They’re the only people I’ve met who come with protocol so that was interesting. And then I think what we were trying to gauge is how many people were following the protocol and how strict the protocol is.”

“I assume you get put in the Tower Of London if it all goes wrong,” he laughed. “I’ve got to think of the repercussions. I’d like to come back here one day.”

Billy, who was filmed worrying about what he was supposed to do as the royal couple approached him in the line-up, added: “Like Seth said, they tell you you’re supposed to say your Royal Highness, you can’t speak until your hands are locked together in a handshake and all these crazy things, and I didn’t know how much you were supposed to follow that so I started panicking. We were watching what our friend Keegan (Keegan-Michael Key) did and he did none of the protocol either and just kind of nodded his head, then it all fell apart.”

The Billy on the Street star also tweeted that he bonded with Meghan over their former college, Northwestern University.