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Seymour upset with son for responding to tabloid jibes

The beauty had no idea she and her teenage son, Peter, were being photographed as they frolicked on the beach in St. Barts during a recent winter getaway.

The shots, which have since graced the pages of New York’s leading newspapers, show the 18 year old passionately kissing his mum on the lips, while resting a hand on her breast.

In other pictures, mother and son can be seen playing around on the sand and in the water in similar compromising positions.

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Seymour was horrified when the pictures went public, but she was even more upset when her model son released a statement about the controversy.

He said, “I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context. My mother and I are very close, as she is with all her children. She often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in a manner that is intimate. Any mother in the world does the same.”

Noting that he’s “openly gay”, Brant added, “At my age, my mother and I are almost like friends and I feel open to talk to her about anything (and yes our relationship may be different because of my sexuality).”

But his mother was far from happy he’d decided to respond to the tabloid taunting without consulting her first.

She says, “He did this without my knowledge… I could have helped him. I believe in ignoring all that nonsense… He took it upon himself and I think he felt like he had to defend his mummy.”

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