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Shailene Woodley: ‘I fear the world will look like Allegiant wasteland one day’

Shailene Woodley fears the Earth will look like the wasteland in her latest Divergent movie if we don’t get serious about the environment.
The young eco warrior is urging her peers to rise up and “create dialogue” around climate change before it’s too late, and she believes her new film, Allegiant, will rally the activists once and for all.
“We need to open dialogues about climate change and encourage people to recognise that it’s so real,” Shailene told WENN. “The first time I saw The Fringe (a poor, run-down area pivotal to the new film), I thought, ‘This is exactly what’s going to happen to our world if we don’t stop it from heating up!’
“It’s not gonna change until we demand the change… There’s so many things that should just be already and aren’t, so for whatever reason I’ve been given this platform I might as well talk about it.”
And Shailene insists young activists don’t need to be part of a group to start the change for a better planet.
“Although there are lots of organisations I’m involved with, the conversation literally starts amongst a group of us going, ‘What are we gonna do about this?’ It’s so easy to think, ‘Oh Shay’s out there with her organisation doing it’. But we all have to do it.”
Shailene returns as Tris in the new Divergent film, and admits she’s beginning to have serious doubts about her freedom-fighter character, adding, “Funny thing she never eats. You never see her eating or drinking water; very rarely. I think that she’s chronically dehydrated!”
She also had great fun working with co-stars Theo James and Jeff Daniels.
Calling the Brit “the funniest motherf**ker I’ve ever met,” she insists James is “a really intelligent, grounded, witty and real human being who is so rooted in his authenticity he couldn’t not be himself if he tried”.
As for Daniels, the actress spent downtime on the set asking him about his roles onstage in plays like God of Carnage – Shailene’s favourite theatre piece.
The chats may have inspired her to hit the stage, as she explained, “I picked his brain about what that was like to be in the theatre. I want to learn what it’s like to do theatre and go from that to a film set and then back to theatre.”

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