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Sharon Osbourne: ‘Expect long security lines at summer concerts’

Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne has urged music lovers to plan ahead for gigs in the coming weeks and months, because attending concerts will be just like heading to the airport.
The reality TV regular, who is also husband Ozzy Osbourne’s long-serving manager, spoke with representatives at concert company Live Nation on Tuesday night (23May17) following the terror attack at Ariana Grande’s gig in Manchester, England and she’s now convinced staff at live music venues will be told to crack down hard on all security measures.
Speaking on her U.S. TV show The Talk on Wednesday (24May17), Sharon said she understood parents keeping young kids away from live music events this summer but urged music fans to enjoy older artists like Phil Collins and Guns N’ Roses.
However, they should be prepared for long security lines.
“It’s gonna be like getting on a plane,” she said, “and when you go to a concert you’re gonna have to go two hours before. Not only are they (security staff) gonna open your bag but you’re gonna have to go through the metal detectors and everybody is gonna be searched.”
British Prime Minister Theresa May has also increased the nation’s terror threat to critical following Monday night’s bomb blast, triggering a campaign to bolster security at large live music events with armed military personnel.

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