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Sharon Osbourne: ‘I wasn’t Harvey Weinstein’s type – obviously’

Ozzy Osbourne’s tough-talking wife has never been sexually abused or harassed – because she’s not the type of woman who gives off “a particular vibe”.
Rock matriarch and TV personality Sharon Osbourne has worked extensively with the producer over the years and when allegations of his awful behaviour started to fall after a New York Times expose a month ago, she started to wonder why Harvey never behaved inappropriately towards her.
And as A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow shared sordid accounts of encounters with Weinstein, Sharon realised she didn’t have a similar story to tell about the man she teamed up with for reality TV hit The Osbournes.
She tells Event magazine, “I never had a problem. And then part of you thinks, ‘What’s wrong with me, Harvey?’ He never did anything like that to me.
“But then you think about it, and you realise it’s because of the type of woman you are. I’ve never faced any sexual abuse, but I think I’ve always given off a particular vibe that says, ‘Don’t mess with me’. If a man had ever tried, he would be dead. No question.”
A month after exposes in the Times and New Yorker revealed details of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct, he has been ousted from the Television Academy after executives at the Producers Guild of America banned him for life and Oscars bosses voted him out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is also facing suspension and disciplinary charges from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts as well as the Directors Guild of America.
Weinstein’s marriage to designer Georgina Chapman has also fallen apart amid the scandal and he was forced to step down as a board member at The Weinstein Company – the production firm he co-founded with his brother Bob.
Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the producer, who is reportedly seeking treatment for psychological issues, has repeatedly denied allegations “of non-consensual sex”.

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