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Sharon Osbourne: ‘Kim Kardashian will be psychologically scarred by hotel room robbery’

Sharon Osbourne has offered her support to Kim Kardashian after her fellow reality TV star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris early on Monday (03Oct16).
Kim was bound and gagged by thugs in her hotel suite after returning from various Paris Fashion Week events in the city.
The robbers, who were dressed as police officials, locked the star in the bathroom and made off with jewellery, cell phones and other items.
Police have launched a major investigation to track down the culprits, while a shaken Kardashian has returned home to America.
News of the robbery broke as Sharon Osbourne was preparing for the Monday episode of her U.S. panel show The Talk, and she offered up her thoughts and prayers to Kim when the show opened.
“It’s terrible that this young woman should go through this,” she said. “Thank God they only robbed her… and it can all be replaced.
“I’m sure that she will have some psychological damage from this. She must be traumatised by this. It’s hideous!”
Sharon also addressed reports suggesting Kim’s social media presence helped the robbers map where she was and what jewellery she had in her possession – after posting shots of herself in Paris on Snapchat.
Osbourne insisted anyone with the right tools and technical knowledge can track celebrities online, adding, “It’s so easy to go online and find where somebody is and where they live. It’s all there, you just have to know how to find it.”
Chrissy Teigen and Salma Hayek, who used to live in France, were among the other celebrities who offered up their thoughts following the news of Kim’s scary ordeal.

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