Sharon Stone to Play Drug Lord in “Sunny”


Sharon Stone will enter the criminal underworld for forthcoming thriller Sunny.

The Casino star is set to portray the titular drug lord and mob queen in the dark comedy directed by up-and-coming Norwegian filmmaker Eva Sorhaug.

Sunny marks Sorhaug’s English-language film debut after receiving critical acclaim for her 2012 drama 90 Minutes, and she couldn’t be more excited about working with a movie star like Sharon.

Sharon Stone is the perfect actress to bring Sunny and all of her complexities to the screen,” Eva wrote in a press release to Variety. “Her effortless ability to play strong, sexy women will take this fierce female character to the next level.”

Stone has a history of playing disturbed, strong-willed women onscreen – the 59-year-old earned a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nod for her part as the cocaine-addicted wife of Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s classic 1995 crime film Casino.

Sharon is likely to have no problem depicting the conflicted Sunny, who appears to be perfect on the surface, but is faced with a serious life crisis when she is forced to leave town within 24 hours so mobsters do not expose her painful family secrets.

Sorhaug will be working from a script written by William Day Frank and the director is also producing Sunny alongside Lost City’s Mason Novick and John Finemore.

Sharon recently appeared in actor James Franco’s comedy The Disaster Artist and she will next be seen in Ocean’s Eleven director Steven Soderbergh’s new limited series Mosaic, which is set to air on HBO in 2018.