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Shaun White reaches plea deal in public intoxication case

The sportsman was accused of trashing his hotel suite in Nashville, Tennessee and setting off several fire alarms in the building following a confrontation with management staff in September (12).

He tried to make a hasty exit but tripped and fell, and was hauled into custody and booked for suspicion of public intoxication and vandalism.

White subsequently apologised for his “unwise choices” and he managed to reach an agreement with prosecutors on Wednesday (07Nov12), giving him the chance to escape the charges altogether.

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Under the terms of the deal, White will seek alcohol treatment and perform 24 hours of community service, while he will also pay restitution to the Nashville hotel owners.

Authorities have already dropped the vandalism charge and they have promised to dismiss the remaining count if White fulfils his end of the agreement by 25 January (13).

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