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Sheen accuses TV writers of using his ‘lifestyle’ for show plots

The troubled star has launched several vicious rants against the series’ creator Chuck Lorre, prompting CBS network producers to axe the programme for the remainder of its current season – but that hasn’t stopped him speaking out once again.

In an bizarre interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, he branded writers’ material “juvenile and gross”, before accusing them of using his own personal issues as inspiration for plotlines.

He says, “When I first look at the writing, I look at a lot of the stuff they were already getting away with… There’s always a pee pee or a butt or a poo poo joke… in ways that they make you see things or feel imagery, it’s just juvenile and gross. I don’t think it comes close – I think it eclipses – some of the stuff I’m doing out there on my most epic nights.

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“It’s ok to smoke cigars, just not cigarettes… it’s ok to drink tons of vodka but don’t go near cocaine.

“I think that they in some way think they have some magic literary influence over me by perhaps writing things and going, ‘Oh my God, look how powerful we are, now he’s doing it!’

“No, moron, the reason the show was created was ‘cos the lifestyle I had, you guys based it on it. I gave you so much of your fodder already.”

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