Sheen announces TV return in Anger Management sitcom

The embattled star has been looking for his next gig since he was fired from hit sitcom Two and a Half Men following a public battle with producers earlier this year (11), and he has now officially unveiled plans for his acting comeback – in a TV adaptation of the 2003 film.

In a statement issued to, Sheen pokes fun at reports of his short temper, saying, “I chose Anger Management because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it is a great concept.

“It also provides me with real ownership in the series, a certain amount of creative control and the chance to be back in business with one of my favorite movie producers of all time, Joe Roth.”

The show synopsis, released by publicists at Lionsgate Entertainment, suggests the Anger Management series will revolve around “a mild-mannered, non-confrontational man ordered to attend group anger management sessions led by a therapist who could probably use some anger management himself”.

Sheen previously worked with Roth on a number of movies, including Young Guns, The Three Musketeers and Major League.

The series has yet to be given an air date.